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Participation of Jurimex lawyers in the III National Forum on Export Support
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Participation of Jurimex lawyers in the III National Forum on Export Support
Participation of Jurimex lawyers in the III National Forum on Export Support

On May 24, 2017 at the initiative of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman, the third National Forum on the export support organized by the system of Chambers of Commerce in Ukraine and Kyiv City State Administration was held.

The main topic of discussion was support of domestic export within the framework of the economic reforms in Ukraine.

The Forum was attended by key representatives of executive authorities, international agencies and organizations that are actively involved in supporting reforms in Ukraine in order to increase the export potential of Ukrainian business, representatives of local businesses, and law firms.

Jurimex was actively involved in the work of the Forum. Lawyer of International Trade and Investment Victoria Moskalyk presented the report "Entry of Ukrainian business into the EU public procurement markets".

The topicality of this issue is due to the fact that last year in March Ukraine joined the World Trade Organization Agreement on Government Procurement, which prohibits discrimination, i.e. establishes equal opportunity to participate in public procurement of the countries - parties to the agreement for all suppliers, regardless of nationality of provider, goods and services.

The report contained explanations and practical advice to Ukrainian producers regarding successful participation in public procurement in the European Union. Tendering mechanisms of the EU countries are more affordable for Ukrainian producers as Ukraine is harmonizing its national legislation with the EU legislation, including in public procurement, as well as with international standards and requirements for quality products, their certification and classification.

The subject provoked lively discussion among producers, the questions related to the existing experience of Ukrainian producers’ participation in public tenders of foreign countries and the results of such participation, problems that often occur during participation in such tenders, as well as the possibility of provision relevant consulting services in Ukraine.

Promotion of goods through tenders in foreign countries is an effective way of selling domestic products without the need for establishing business abroad. Therefore, participation in the EU public procurement is an important instrument that should be used for the development of Ukrainian business and for the entry into the markets of foreign countries.

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