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Jurimex has been purposefully developing its aviation industry since 2009. Currently our team of lawyers take the lead at the market of legal services in the aviation industry. Aircraft construction and air transportation system of Ukraine is on the stage of its renewal and has significant potential in international economic arena, although there are, certainly, a number of problems and difficulties.

Many foreign and national investors have attracted or are interested in attracting financing and investing in Ukrainian air market. Taking into account the industrial specialization of Jurimex, our lawyers have profound knowledge in aviation industry and understand internal business processes of clients. Extensive experience and relevant knowledge help us to support our clients on all stages of project realization regardless of the level of their complexity and duration of realization. We comprehend in its entirety not only the existing problems but also the needs of our clients.

Jurimex team of lawyers provides the following legal services in the aviation industry: development of investment projects in the field of aircraft construction with the purpose of obtaining state guarantees from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; support of investment in projects on modernization of aviation construction enterprises of Ukraine, airlines and airports; structuring of projects for the implementation of public-private partnership, concessions in the field of aviation industry; support of projects on modernization of obsolete aircrafts, extension of airworthiness of aircrafts; conduction of legal audit as well as comprehensive legal services for national aviation construction enterprises, airlines and airports; support of regulatory and authorization procedures in the field of aviation industry; support of transactions for the purchase, sale and modernization of aircrafts, all types of leasing of aircrafts (operational, financial); support of passenger and cargo air transportation; development of draft laws, as well as government laws and regulations in the field of aviation.

Among recent Jurimex projects:

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