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About company
About company
J urimex Law Firm was founded in 2003 and  unites now more than 130 highly qualified professionals with extensive practical experience and brilliant knowledge of Ukrainian and international law. Successful experience of legal support of projects of any scale and level of complexity. Jurimex provides legal support in various areas of business to medium and large Ukrainian enterprises, as well as foreign and international companies with business interests in Ukraine. Jurimex partners are recognized leaders in the Ukrainian market of legal services and are recommended by authoritative international and national rankings.
Mission and values
Pro Bono



The book  "Tax and legal paternalism: the legal essence and forms of manifestation"


The book “Administration of tax payments. Problems of theory and practice” was published.

Jurimex expanded to about 100 lawyers and was awarded as "Business Changing the Country", received Pro Bono awards for social effect of implemented projects

The book “Theory, principles and history of tax. Legal aspect” was published


The book “Direct real taxation. Legal essence and administration” was published

A book “Indirect taxation. Legal essence and administration” was published Practice of Criminal Law and Procedure, as well as Practice of Pharmaceutical and Medical Law were established

Opening the practice of international law and investing


The honorary president of the company Danilo Getmantsev entered the TOP 100 best lawyers in Ukraine


For the first time, it entered the top 20 leading Ukrainian law firms



Jurimex Law Firm was founded

Mission and values



We think outside the box, reject stereotypes, and introduce innovations. Our Freedom helps to determine the direction towards the goal


We take full responsibility for every action. We understand that implementation of the solutions that we propose will have consequences. Therefore, we provide only those options for resolving issues that will have a positive effect on business of our customers.


The key to success of Jurimex team is constant training. We are moving forward towards new goals,  continue learning and improving our skills not only in the sphere of law but also in other spheres of life, and successfully apply this knowledge in practice


In order to achieve your business goals, we work as a team. The best results are achieved through synergy

We strive to make Ukraine better, and our tool is the rule of the law, which we KNOW PERFECTLY. We protect citizens from imperfections of the structure of the govermnemt and assist the state in meeting the requirements of the society.This is how we see our participation in the establishment of the rule of law and the ideals of the constitutional state expanding the scope of our activities outside Ukraine.


Facts about us
17 years of successful practice
Lawyers in the team
Regional offices
Andersen Tax

Andersen Tax & Legal is an international law firm specializing in tax law

Firstly published in 1983 the edition Best Lawyers International is the oldest ranking publication in jurisprudence in the United States and Europe, which has gained respect of mass media and public as the most reliable and objective source of the best specialists worldwide in different fields of law.

Lawyers are involved in the ranking only after careful analysis. Since 2009, the survey also gauges lawyers from Ukraine. Experts from more than 70 countries worldwide take part in the research. 


Under the results of legal market research, Jurimex was recommended by one of the leading international rankings International Financial Law Review 1000 in banking and M&A. 

IFLR publication 1000 is one of the most reputable legal rankings. Researches have been conducted for more than twenty years in 7 regions worldwide. 

According to the international rankings International Acquisition Legal Awards 2013 Jurimex recognised the Best law firms 2013 in Banking and Finance among the Ukrainain law firms, providing a full spectrum of legal services.

Acquisition International selects the leading law firms in all spheres of law, awarding companies and certain practitioners of legal market for the highest level of services. 

Jurimex Law Firm proved its positions as one of the leading law firms at the domestic market recognized by the Ukrainian ranking GVardiya of Law Firms 2010.

In particular, the firm made TOP-20 of stable law firms thanks to a continuous growth of the financial indexes, broadening of services and clientele as well as team's high profeciency. Jurimex practice in agricultural sector. 


According to the Ukrainian professional research of legal services "Client's choice", Danil Getmantsev, Honorary President of Jurimex Law Firm made TOP-100 of the leading lawyers of Ukraine and was recognized one of the best lawyers in Banking and Finance, Securities and Fund Market 2010.

WTR 1000 recommends Yuriy Krainik, Managing Partner of Jurimex Law Firm as a specialist, deeply knowledgeable in trademark legislation and markets where his clients have been playing.

Ranking edition World Trademark Review 1000 defines leading professionals, providing legal services in trademarks worldwide. Ranking is based on the research, covering Asian, European and American countries. WTR 1000 is a unique guidance, containing exclusive information about trademark practice and leading specialists in this field.




Danil Getmantsev, Jurimex Honorary President is recognized one of the best lawyers in Tax Law, Managing Partner Yuriy Krainian is advised as the best media lawyer and the Partner Marina Slobodnichenko is listed among the best labour law experts.

Ranking ILO Client Choice Awards has been conducting since 2005 and recognized the best lawyers and law firms worldwide. Quality of legal advice, promptness of issue solution and value for money factor are the main criteria of the research.  


International research The Legal 500: Europe, Middle East & Africa 2014 recommends the law firm Jurimex as one of the best law firms in Dispute Resolution and Intellectual Property.

Publication admitted a high proficiency of lawyers and noted their creative and constructive approaches to solving the issues and providing with the high-quality services.

Experts have carefully examined the achievements of Jurimex litigation team and recommend specialists such as Danil Getmantsev and Yuriy Krainiak.

The research especially made Yuriy Krainiak out to be one of the leading experts in Intellectual Property and admitted his deep knowledge and great experience.

The main criteria for assessment of the law firms include a scope and quality of the closed cases, experts qualification, clients reviews.



Jurimex law firm approved its status as one of the best Ukrainian firms in IT-communications, media and entertainment.

Yuriy Krainiak, Managing Partner of the company took leading ranks in the ranking.

Oksana Iefimchuk, Senior lawyer of Jurimex was also distinguished in IT and media sphere.

Danil Getmantsev, Jurimex Honorary President made top tiers among the leading Ukrainian lawyers in taxation.

Aleksandr Shyshkanov is considered one of the best lawyers in land law and Bohdan Shapoval is recommended as one of the best in banking and finance as well as restructuring and bankruptcy.

Ukrainian Law firms 2014 is an annual research, firstly published in 2002 which contains the full review of the Ukrainian legal market and ranking of the law firms in different practices.




Jurimex Law Firm has been a member of the "Bronzeleague" of Ukrainian law companies for several years according to the authoritative international guideline  World Trademark Review 1000

Jurimex has carved a particular niche in the media industry and has a growing pharmaceutical following to boot. An individual approach and ability of professionals to provide optimal solutions for any issue was also recognized by WTR 1000. WTR1000 recommends YuriyKrainiak, the Managing Partner of Jurimex, as an experienced and highly-skilled professional.

World Trademark Review 1000identifies the leading professionals, who provide legal services in the issues of trademarks all over the world. The rating is based on the results of the qualitative research, which covers the countries of Asia, Europe and America.WTR1000 is the only guide in the world that focuses solely on the information about practice in the field of trademarks and about the practitioners in this area.

According to the results of the rankings IFLR1000 2015, Jurimex Law Firm is recommended once again as one of the best law firms of Ukraine in Financial and Corporate Law. 

International ranking publication IFLR1000 specializes in the research activities of the leading law firms in the field in Financial consulting. IFLR 1000 is one of the most respected rankings of law firms in the world, which is held since 1990 and covers more than 120 different jurisdictions.


Jurimex Law Firm is acknowledged the winner in the category of Corporate Tax Law Firm of the Year in Ukraine.

According to international ranking Legal Awards 2015, Jurimex is acknowledged the winner in the category of Corporate Tax Law Firm of the Year in Ukraine. Moreover, the ranking awarded Danil Getmantsev, Honorary President of Jurimex Law Firm, for his major achievements in the field of taxation.

The research is annually conducted by the Lawyer Monthly magazine, which carries out the analysis of achievements of lawyers and law firms in the provision of legal services during the last year.

International rating World Trademark Review 1000 repeatedly recommends Jurimex as one of the best law firms practicing in the field of trade marks.
Yuriy Krayniak, Managing Partner at Jurimex Law Firm, was acknowledged at the individual ranking WTR1000 as a lawyer with a very advanced background in the field of registration, licensing and protection of intellectual property.
World Trademark Review 1000 is the only ranking in the world that qualifies the best experts in the field of protection of trademarks worldwide.

The company received 7 nominations, where: 2nd place - Tax Law, Copyright and Intellectual Property; 4th place - Medical Law/Pharmaceuticals, Transport Law;5th place - IT/Media Law; 8th place - Customs law, International Law/International Economic economic activity.

Jurimex Law Firm was recommended by international rating publishing house The Legal 500: EMEA – 2015, based on the research findings of the legal services market. This year, as in previous years, Jurimex Law Firm ranked top positions in the key practices, and its leading professionals received special recognition of the rating.

The rating recommends Jurimex Law Firm in the field of ​​tax law, intellectual property and dispute resolution practice. The Legal 500: EMEA honored Danil Getmantsev, Honorary President of Jurimex Law Firm, and Yuriy Krainiak, Managing Partner, as professionals capable to solve issues of any complexity.

For 25 years, The Legal 500 has been one of the leading and reputable international research that examines professional capabilities of law firms in different countries around the world.

Jurimex Law Firm was yet again recommended by leading international legal guide The Legal 500: Europe, Middle East & Africa 2016. 

The Legal 500 EMEA acknowledged sustainable position of Jurimex in the key areas of legal practice: Tax, Banking and Finance, Litigation, and Intellectual property.

Honorary President Danylo Getmantsev was marked as the best lawyer in Banking & Finance and Litigation, and Managing Partner Yuriy Krainiak was acknowledged for his contribution to Litigation and Intellectual property. Head of Intellectual Property Oksana Yefimchuk was also mentioned in the ranking. Vita Forsyuk, Head of Tax, was named among the best experts in the field of taxation.

The Legal 500: EMEA is a leading international analytical ranking, which presents the best law firms and leading lawyers in Europe, Middle East and Africa and analyzes the global legal market.

According to the annual international ranking International Tax Review (World Tax 2017), Jurimex is in the "Bronze league" of companies in the field of taxation. The ranking annually recommends Jurimex and its top lawyers, Danylo Getmantsev and Viţa Forsyuk.

World Tax 2017 marks leading firms in the field of tax consulting worldwide.

Danylo Getmantsev confirmed his status as one of the best associates in Ukraine in the field of tax law; he was also marked in the agricultural sector, land law, banking and finance and corporate law/M&A.

In addition, the ranking positively evaluated work of Jurimex associates of different practices. In particular, Yuriy Krainiak and Oksana Yefimchuk were marked in intellectual property , IT/telecommunications and media, Vita Forsuik - in tax law, Marina Slobodnichenko and Nina Kucheruk - in litigation. Anna Antonenko was acknowledged in banking and finance/restructuring. Sviatoslav Kibets was marked as an expert in bankruptcy, Tatiana Prychepa - in international trade, corporate law/M&A, Yaroslav Tolkachov - criminal law, Liubomyr Pytel - in agribusiness.

Jurimex law firm was also acknowledged in the field of pharmacy, medicine and health care for significant contribution to the development of legal documents. UKRAINIAN LAW FIRM is annual survey, first published in 2002, with a complete overview of Ukrainian legal market and rating of experts in various practice areas of law firms.


6 lawyers are recommended in The Legal 500 Europe, Middle East & Africa 2017 editorial (listed below) UKRAINE

Intellectual property - Oksana Yefimchuk - Yuriy Krayniak

Real estate and construction - Liubomyr Pytel - Marina Slobodnichenko

Tax - Danylo Getmantsev - Vita Forsiuk

A note on The Legal 500 Europe, Middle East & Africa: Our research-based coverage continues to grow each year with new practice areas and additional countries, with this year's edition including first-time research-based coverage of Afghanistan and Ethiopia, bringing the total to 82 countries. We have added 18% more research-based content - including 9 more countries - to the coverage over the past 2 years. Most users prefer the website these days but for those continuing to use the print edition, please note that The Legal 500 EMEA 2017 edition is printed in two companion volumes, just as it was last year: (volume 1) Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia; and (volume 2) Middle East and Africa.

Best Lawyers International is one of the most authoritative and global research of the legal services market among the best lawyers of Ukraine in their respective areas of law. Based on the research, Yuriy Krainiak was named the Lawyer of the Year in three spheres of expertise:

- Intellectual Property;

- Media Law;

- Court Practice.

Best Lawyers is the leading research of legal services based on interviewing experts in jurisprudence and journalism. For about 30 years, ranking Best Lawyers deserved significant authority as the most objective source of advice on choosing the right legal adviser in 75 countries.

Іnternational rating "The World's Leading Trademark Professionals, WTR 1000" admitted Jurimex as one of the best trademark law firms in Ukraine. In addition, the World Trademark Review marked Jurimex as a company with deep expertise, good customer interaction and a thorough understanding of business reality. The World Trademark Review 1000 isn’t only an authoritative rating guide that focuses exclusively on trademark practices but also a unique guide that defines the best trademark protection professionals around the world.


The expert evaluation covered three criteria: professional success, influence on the industry, popularity and charisma. 

Modern world is rapidly overcoming stereotypes. Everyone has equal opportunities to do what they love and increase career potential. Still, professionalism remains the main criterion in the labor market.

Jurimex include to the list of the best 5 firms. It is the second time, when Yurydychna Gazeta conducts research on the attractiveness of law firms as employers.

This year analysis was conducted in two directions: questionnaires among law students and law firms. 

Social responsibility and Pro Bono

В y conforming to the principles of corporate social responsibility, Jurimex provides legal services to the National Children's Specialized Hospital "OKHMATDYT" of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on a royalty-free basis. 
In 2012, the General Director of the National Children's Specialized Hospital "OKHMATDYT" established a board of trustees. The Board of Trustees engages charitable assistance and exercises public control over the receipt and purposeful use of charitable assistance received. 
In 2016, Jurimex was recognized as a "Business Changing the Country," and also received the Pro Bono Awards for the social effect of projects implemented.

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