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Yuriy Krainiak was awarded by the Verkhovna Rada
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Yuriy Krainiak was awarded by the Verkhovna Rada
Yuriy Krainiak was awarded by the Verkhovna Rada
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine acknowledged profound contribution of Managing Partner Yuriy Krainiak to the reformation of intellectual property law, media and information law. This is stated in the relevant Order of the Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament Andriy Parubiy, which was adopted on August 23, based on the statement of the National Council on Television and Radiobroadcasting.
Presenting the award, the Chairman of the National Council of Television and Radiobroadcasting A. Artemenko thanked Yuriy Krainiak for his cooperation in the development of significant reforms in the sphere of information and marked high professionalism and prominent legal experience of Yuriy Krainiak, calling him one of the most respected lawyers in the media market.It is worth mentioning that the team of Jurimex associates led by Yuriy Krainiak took a key role in the development of many laws of Ukraine in the field of intellectual property, electronic media and telecommunications. Thus, a large number of important reforms have been proposed and, in most cases, introduced. Among these, it is necessary to emphasize the reforms on protection of information space of Ukraine, transparency of media ownership, licensing TV and radio broadcasting, protection of intellectual property on the Internet, film support and many others. Jurimex practices in the field of telecommunications and intellectual property have repeatedly been recognized by the best Ukrainian and international authoritative ratings. We are humbled and thankful to the Ukrainian Parliament for this award and appreciation of our work in this area. We are also honored and grateful to the National Council on Television and Radiobroadcasting for supporting our initiatives.


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