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Jurimex Law Firm provides a complex legal support to retail companies, including trade networks and Internet-shops. We advise trading companies on taxation, consumer rights protection, protection of rights to trademarks and domain names, conclusion and execution of agreements with the suppliers and manufacturers, advertising and antimonopoly regulations. We also assist clients with the projects on companies’ sale (both buyers and sellers), conduction of Legal Due Diligence and preparation of license and franchise agreements.

We have experience in supporting retail chains with more than 6,000 points of sale. We support pharmacy chains with a full range of services related to the retail sale of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and cosmetic products.

Our clients in the field of trade are large and medium-sized online stores, retailers and wholesalers, retail chains, product importers, and pharmacy chains.

Our team consists of lawyers, who have perfect knowledge of peculiarities of this business. Any issue such as foreign economic goods supply, obtaining of permits and patents for shop opening, resolution of labour dispute or just company’s registration will be accompanied with pragmatic and optical solution, taking into account regulations and business interests of a client.

Due to a wide chain of regional establishments, we can ensure a client with a stable qualified legal support just on site.

We offer a full legal service for Internet-trade of goods or services. Our lawyers advise leading Internet-shops on all legal issues of their business, including intellectual property, telecommunications, taxation, obtaining of necessary licenses, required by law.

To provide clients with the competent legal services for saving their costs is one of our basic targets. By assessing each trade transaction for purposes of taxation, we want to make our decisions profitable for client’s business and comply with the legislation as well. Thus, we offer one of the best law teams, having vast experience in the most difficult tasks in taxation and development of effective legal models, applying proscribed tax exemptions.

We also register cash registers; obtain trade patents; obtain permits; protect clients’ interests during inspections of SES, fire safety authorities, consumer protection authorities, bodies controlling the placement of advertising materials at retail outlets; protect clients' interests when placing objects of small architectural forms; obtain operational permits for processing enterprises in order to open a retail network of food products; obtain certificate of production of the processing plant in order to open a retail network of food products; draft various contracts (including foreign economic ones); prepare legal schemes for the development of network in accordance with the requirements of the legislation; optimize cost of trade enterprises and trading network; support import and export of goods, provide legal services in the field of logistics and inventory control of goods, etc.

Nina Kucheruk
Head of Litigation and Arbitration,
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